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The program plays audio streams Internet radio stations via a direct connection to the server of the stream. The easiest way to connect to the audio stream of the station in the program is to provide the IP address of the server and the port on which the radio is working, for example:

or in the form of domain:


Very often address name is supplemented of the exact name or quality of the stream, for example:

Some stations also require giving in the address as the file name .mp3, .ogg or playlist .m3u for example:

You can download definictions of selected Internet radio stations direct from the program:
Nazwa stacji radiowejAdres strumienia
PR-1Polskie Radio - Program 1
PR-2Polskie Radio - Program 1
PR-3Polskie Radio - Program 1
PR-4Polskie Radio - Program 1
BiałystokPolskie Radio - Białystok
GdańskPolskie Radio - Gdańsk 128kbs
GorzówPolskie Radio - Gorzów Wielkopolski
KatowicePolskie Radio - Katowice
KielcePolskie Radio - Kielce
KoszalinPolskie Radio - Koszalinhttp://
KrakówPolskie Radio - Kraków
LublinPolskie Radio - Lublin
ŁódźPolskie Radio - Łódź
OlsztynPolskie Radio - Olsztynhttp://
OpolePolskie Radio - Opole
RzeszówPolskie Radio - Rzeszów
SłupskPolskie Radio - Słupskhttp://
SzczecinPolskie Radio - Szczecin
WrocławPolskie Radio - Wrocław
AntyRadioAntyradio Warszawa
ELEKTRAPolskaStacja - Klasyka muzyki elektronicznej
EL-StacjaEL-Stacja Mogilno
MercuryRadio Mercury Poznań
RAMRadio RAM Wrocław
RMF FMRadio RMF FMhttp://
TOK FMRadio TOK FM Warszawa
VOX FMRadio VOX FM Warszawa
WAWARadio WAWA Warszawa
ZŁOTEZłote Przeboje Warszawa
ParadiseRadio Paradise
IDOBIidobi Radiohttp://
HITHitRadio OE3http://
DanceDance Wave!
COOLCOOLfahrenheit 93http://

Below are links of selected Internet radio stations:

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